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Eyespot Blenny

Eyespot Blenny

Scientific Name: Escenius oculus

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Origin: Indo-Pacific

Family: Blenniidae


Other Names: Ecsenius ops, Eye-spot blenny, Yellow-eye combtooth-blenny



Technical Info

Temperature: 22 - 26 ℃

pH: 8.1 - 8.4

GH: 8 - 12

SG: 1.020 - 1.025

Max size: 7 cm

Min Tank size: 50 Ltr

Position in Aqua: Bottom swimmer



A black outer ring surrounding a bright yellow ring in iris of the eye; faint to bright white stripe originating on snout below ventro-anterior margin of orbit and continuing posteriorly along ventral margin of orbit to preopercular series of pores, ending or continuing much diminished in intensity to posterior margin of opercle; pale-margined, dark spot, smaller than pupil of eye, present on post-orbital margin at about 2 o'clock position. Body more or less uniformly olive-brown or with the indications of fine, greenish yellow, stripe-like area along dorsal body contour below dorsal fin, paralleled ventrally by broad, olive-brown area grading ventrally and narrowly to greenish yellow at body midline, then abruptly whitish below.



The diet of the Eyespot Blenny should include vegetable matter, including frozen and dried foods containing marine and blue-green algae. It will also feed on (and help control) algae growing in the aquarium.


Compatible with

The Eyespot Blenny is generally peaceful, but may become territorial towards others within the same genus. Blennies normally make a good addition to reef aquariums, but use caution in smaller set ups, or with smaller fleshy corals, as some individuals have been known to pick at the mantles of clams, and at fleshy large polyp stony corals when underfed.