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Scientific Name: Haplochromis nyererei

Price: Upon Request

Origin: Africa-Lake Victoria

Family: Cichlidae


Other Names: Pundamilia nyererei, Haplochromis nyererei



Technical Info

Temperature: 22 - 28 ℃

pH: 7.2 - 8.6

GH: 15 - 20

Max size: 10 cm

Min Tank size: 150 Ltr

Position in Aqua: No special swimming level



Haplochromis nyererei is probably the most colorful of all the Victorian cichlids available in the hobby. The dorsal fins can be bright orange or somewhat clear with a bluish tint. The upper half of the body below the dorsal fins is either red or orange. The lower half of the body has 5 to 8 black vertical bars with yellow or greenish-yellow between the stripes. The area around the mouth might be blue or blue-grey. The females are a bland colored grey or brownish and might or might not show some similar vertical barring.



Ominvore-Feed vegetable based flakes and Malawi cichlid pellets. A high protein diet is not recommended.



Keep one male to several females. Ensure that many caves are present. Spawning is via the mouth-brooding method. The eggs are subsequent fry are kept in the female's mouth for up to three weeks. Excess stress caused to a mouth-brooding female can cause rejection of the eggs by the mother.


Compatible with

It can be kept with similarly sized mbuna and even Aulonocara and Copadichromis species. The tank should be overcrowded to reduce aggression and territory formation. It is aggressive towards others of the same species and the presence of heterospecifics helps to dissipate this. However, a very large tank is required in order to keep more than one male and at least 4-6 females should be kept per male to reduce harassment.



Create a network of caves and hiding places in the aquarium using piles of rockwork. This species does not require a lot of open swimming space, preferring to a rocky environment, so much of the aquarium should be decorated in this way. A substrate of sand is best.